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  Chongqing energy Career Academy is approved by the Chongqing Municipal People's government, the Ministry of education for the record, the full-time ordinary college students nationwide (the Ministry of Education Code: 14238). School of Chongqing city is the pilot institutions have higher single stroke, occupation skill appraisal national.
  College was founded in 2009 April, covers an area of 600 acres, located in the west of Chongqing metro core area, Chongqing "half an hour economic circle", Chongqing City Vice center -- the Jiangjin District of Chongqing City Shuangfu new. College full-time students reach 9800 people, staff 520 people, of which more than 430 full-time and part-time teachers, high above title 58 people, 331 people graduate. School facilities are complete, perfect management system, teaching the regular order, education quality has improved steadily, the social approval gradually expanded, the basic realization of the large-scale school norms.
  The school aims at the pillar industry of Chongqing City, the "6+1" demand for talents, build up the energy engineering, petroleum chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, machinery and automobile, electronics and information, civil construction and other 6 professional groups, opened the petrochemical production technology, construction technology, construction management and other 31 professional, including application of technology, energy city oil and gas storage and transportation technology, refrigeration and cold storage technology and electronic technology and management professional to fill the blank of talent cultivation in Higher Vocational Colleges of Chongqing city. The creation of professional, in line with the economic development of Chongqing city industry, market demand is high, the recognition of the society, the development of space.
  Institute of relying on large cooperation group, education professionals. Has more than 300 enterprises have established cooperative relations, one of the world's top 500 enterprises 7 homes, large state-owned enterprises 69. Joint school and Schindler Elevator Co. Ltd, established elevator college. School enterprise cooperation, to provide a broader platform for students to practice and employment.
  College adhere to the "joint military civilian, school enterprise cooperation, characteristics of running a school, the quality of the" School of philosophy, to strengthen the "education + vocational skills and quality development" training mode, pay attention to the cultivation of students' professional skills and professional quality; actively learn from military college student management mode, adhere to the paramilitary management; implementation of the "two seamless docking" Engineering (enterprise culture and campus culture of seamless docking, the classroom teaching and the extracurricular activities seamless docking), making characteristic campus culture, improve the comprehensive quality of students ability, cultivate good school spirit and style of study, creating a positive learning environment.
  The students and faculty are adhering to the "Tak, Duxue, casting, Siyuan" motto, adhere to the "integrity and and work study combination" talents cultivation objectives, efforts to improve vocational and technical education people's satisfaction, socially useful and beneficial, is facing the distinctive characteristics, quality excellent application technology of University's educational goal of forging ahead!

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